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Cannabis DM’s – A Different Strain of Decision Maker

When it comes to getting through to decision makers, cannabis industry decision makers are as elusive as they come. And as a cannabis industry sales rep, it can be especially frustrating trying to make headway in terms of getting this rare breed to commit to signing a deal for your product or service, particularly if you’re transitioning from a non-cannabis related industry like tech, marketing, healthcare, etc.

It’s well known that gate-keepers are trained to say that their respective DM is “busy” or “in a meeting”, but in traditional business setting we all know that they’re there, merely filtering the incoming solicitations so they can tend to the higher level needs of the company. But the cannabis space is a whole different animal – cannapreneurs could be offsite at their grow operation, or perhaps tending to a busy storefront…but I’ve never encountered an industry where so many decision makers are quite literally hands-off, leaving their budtenders and store managers to handle most of the heavy lifting.

I’ve seen sales reps make countless calls to the same dispensaries in hopes of finally reaching the owner, only to find out they’re never there. And when they are there, you better believe you’re in for an uphill battle trying to get them down the sales funnel as many will likely forget about the proposal you sent or the contract they need to review to get things rolling.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t cannabis industry professionals treating their dispensaries like a bonafide business…there are numerous cannabis companies which would prove that to the contrary. But from a sales representative’s perspective, this unique group of owners and operators could likely be the most challenging to penetrate.

It takes a lot of patience, persistence, and creative sales tactics, but with the right balance of each, you can and will master the cannabis sales jobs landscape.


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