Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a recruiting firm? NO. We are simply a job site where people in the Colorado cannabis community can come to post and view job openings. We do not function like a recruiter working off of percentage fees. There are only flat rates charged for job postings.

If I create a candidate profile, does that mean I’ll automatically have my resume submitted to job openings? Unfortunately, no. You still have to apply for jobs individually even after creating a candidate profile. However, by creating a profile you allow companies to find you when they search for key terms that match their opening and they CAN reach out to you if they think you’re a fit.

How do I obtain a Colorado MED Badge? That’s easy. All of the instructions for applying and obtaining a state issued Colorado MED license can be found on the state website here: Simple follow the links to download your application, set up your appointment, and voila! Just make sure you can pass a criminal background check before applying.