cannabis boss lady

In Support of #BossWomen Month, a local company that is spot-lighting the female Cannapreneur community here in Colorado, is forging an initiative to dub August “Boss Women” month, and we are all in favor.

There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry has created a ton of opportunities which never existed before, and this holds even truer for the female sex. With industry estimated growth of 30% per year, it’s no wonder that women are finally seizing their chance to get in on the action, finding new ways to build their emerging empires in a society where men have always reigned supreme in the workforce.

Envision what tech tycoons signified at the turn of the century – think Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and the like. There was one popping up almost every five minutes in those fast-paced days of flashy web development and innovation. And to their credit, they brought amazing ideas to life. Ideas that we couldn’t even fathom living without today. And now a similar evolution is happening in the cannabis space with women eagerly guiding the way.

Maybe it’s because we’ve always been a nurturing bunch, or maybe it’s due to the fact that the female version of the plant is the one that gives us the end product. But no matter what the reason, the fairer sex is starting to lay the foundation for an industry that may someday be designated as female-dominated, undoubtedly a huge step outside of the boxes of household and care-taking trades which tend to be traditionally filled by women.

420BossWomen’s site showcases dispensary owners, chefs, marketing firms, a greeting card line, and cannabis-inspired jewelry just to name a few, all of which are led by women. It just goes to show what a wide range and scope of creative opportunities are coming to life thanks to cannabis, and the fact that there are more female entrepreneurs starting up in this space than any other industry to date is a good sign of what’s to come.

Let’s join 420BossWomen in their celebration this month of what women are doing for weed and purchase products and services from the female-owned and Colorado-based companies you know.


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