RECRUITMENT – Stage #2 of the Cannabis Employee Lifecycle

Most jobs today are filled through employee referrals so, naturally, engaged employees are likely to recommend friends and family to apply for an open job or position. However, Colorado cannabis companies cannot rely on referrals alone if they want to staff their operations effectively.

In order for the recruitment process to be all it can be, you have to create a game plan around the following:

  1. Employer Branding
  2. Candidate Flow
  3. The Candidate Engagement Process

Employer branding is a new form of marketing which focuses solely on branding your company as an amazing place for Colorado cannabis job seekers to work. So how does one accomplish this? The easiest way is through using platforms where you may already be posting jobs which also allow you to create a company profile.

The first thing a savvy cannabis candidate is going to do before even submitting a resume is research your company to see if they think it will be a good fit for them culturally. And while you probably have a website where someone can read about what the company does, it’s values, what sets it apart, etc., unless you have a page dedicated to talking about how well you treat your employees and why they should come work for you, you’re missing out on an entire cross section of qualified Colorado cannabis job seekers.

Candidate flow means having enough candidates who are qualified for your job on stand-by, so when you do experience turnover, you’re not waiting forever to get the right person on the team.

This is easily done by focusing on employer branding, accepting apps through your company site at all times, and having several go-to job sites you rely on when the time comes to post your cannabis job opening in several places.

Lastly, how you approach candidate engagement is critical to attracting the right candidates for your open position, while weeding out the ones who may not be a fit. Create a simple and easily replicated interview process to make sure your candidate feels welcome, but don’t forget to stand firm on your expectations. Make sure they meet with management AND peers they’ll be interacting with every day so everyone can weigh in on their fit for the company.

If you pay attention to all three of these pillars in this stage of the cannabis employee life cycle, the recruitment process will become a breeze. Plus, you’ll have plenty of candidates knocking down your doors to apply for that next opening at your amazing cannabis company.





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