ATTRACTION – Stage 1 of The Cannabis Employee Lifecycle

There’s an old saying that “water seeks it’s own level”, and it’s not surprising that the statement holds true when attempting to fill a position in the busy Colorado cannabis space…But how does one go about attracting the RIGHT kind of candidate versus someone who meets the bare minimum requirements of having a MED badge and showing up to both interviews?

The very nature of the business lends itself to people who may have some misguided notions about what working in the cannabis industry is “supposed” to be like (i.e. showering is optional and I can show up high as kite for my shift, right?)…and even worse there are many companies that have paved the way for these stereotypes to crystalize.

It’s not enough to just throw up a job post and hope for the best anymore. The best Colorado cannabis companies know that it’s all about how you present yourself and what’s in it for THEM. If you set the bar high and present yourself as a company that only wants people with the right work ethic and truly takes the time to invest in its employees (and can prove it), you’re going to attract those active cannabis job seekers that believe they can reach meet the challenge.

With so many different places to choose from and openings available, why should a candidate with tenured skills and a hard work ethic choose you over the competition? At the end of the day we all want to know what’s in for us, so it’s mission critical that you demonstrate how your company culture stands to make an impact on new members joining the team.

All too often we see cannabis job posts that simply rattle of a boring list of minimum requirements and “what we’re looking for” without even touching on what makes them an amazing place to work! Do you you offer some fun perks? Ongoing training? Opportunities for advancement from within? Although comparable pay does hold some weight with regards to attracting job seekers, that’s not what is going to ultimately keep someone loyal to you over the long haul (which is what we are all aspiring for).

That said, if you want to attract candidates who are not just qualified but who are also going to be PUMPED to come and work for you, you HAVE TO play up how amazing you and your team already are and what you can offer them from day one.

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