The 6 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle

Up until recently most companies never really spent a lot of time thinking about what’s known as the”employee life cycle” outside of maybe the opportunity cost involved in hiring someone only to have them quit 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months later. It was just expected that some people would naturally stick around while others will churn out to be replaced by another warm body.

But as people and organizations have grown more aware of how important it is to focus on the people who “run” the company day in and day out in order to foster the long term vision, it’s become imperative that they understand exactly how they should approach the 6 steps of the employee life cycle, and the Denver cannabis jobs space is no exception.

So to break it down for you, the cycle looks like this:

  1. Attraction (something we’ve talked about in previous blog posts)
  2. Recruitment
  3. Onboarding
  4. Development
  5. Retention
  6. Separation

What we’re going to do because we love our cannabis job posters and job seekers to the fullest is break down each of these stages in a separate, hyper-focused post. The idea here is to educate those cannabis companies who may need some guidance on phases of the life cycle which are currently challenging them and to also get feedback and best practices from those of you out here in the Denver cannabis jobs market that are seasoned and doing this well.

By sharing the collective knowledge of the Colorado cannabis community, we all become more awesome at what we do and better the world one day at a time, right? So stay tuned for our first blog post in the series, which will cover (you guessed it), the first stage in the what we’ll call the “cannabis employee” life cycle: ATTRACTION.

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