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The Interview Numbers Game

When it comes to landing a job in the cannabis industry, there’s probably no better place to be than the beautiful state of Colorado. But how many interviews does it realistically take for someone to get that cannabis career?

With so many people moving here on a monthly basis, the job market is tougher than ever, so it may take more touches than anticipated to finally hired. Be prepared to face some rejection….maybe even a lot of rejection. But if you keep the following guidelines in mind as move through your job search, you’ll start realize it’s just a numbers game – a numbers game that you can win.

Let’s work the numbers backward so you can see what we mean:

We’ll call it the rule of 30% – so for every 10 applications you fill out or resumes you send, on average you should expect to hear back from about 25-30% of the companies you’re interested in working for. So 2 to 3 may turn into an initial phone or in face interview.

Of those touches, you can expect to see about 30% convert into a second and/or final interview. So maybe one truly viable opportunity will surface out of every 10 you pursue. And if you’re really trying to ensure that you land that perfect gig in the cannabis space, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in the proverbial basket, right? The competition is stiff, so again, you have to play the numbers game.

To be safe, you’ll probably need to put out anywhere between 30-50 applications and/or resumes, which will turn into 10-15 interviews, which then boils down to 3-5 solid options, which finally gets you the cannabis job offer you’ve been hunting for once and for all.

Yes it will take some time, and yes there are going to exceptions to the rule (we hope you’re one of them). But if you take a step back and look at the numbers, you’ll be well on your way to winning the cannabis industry interview game.

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