What To Do When You Lose Motivation.

So you’re having bad day…you got to work late because of bad accident on the highway, spilled half your lunch on your new white shirt, got into it with one of your customers, and can’t seem to catch a break as you climb in your car to head home and the engine won’t start.

One thing after another is going wrong, and after being a month into the year, those aspirations for 2020 to be “your year” are slowly fading into the distance.

So how do you stay motivated to keep your eye on the prize and employ the “slight edge” even when you’re feeling like the world is against you?

The answer is simple actually – Gratitude. The MINUTE you start feeling sorry for yourself, you have to flip the script and start thinking about reasons why it’s GOOD that all of these “bad” things are happening.

Maybe the slow down in traffic prevented YOU from getting into an accident and gave you extra time to listen to your favorite podcast. Spilling half your lunch on yourself probably saved you a few calories, and aren’t you glad you’re car didn’t decide to die on the highway on your commute home?

It’s all about perspective, and the sooner you can begin to immediately identify the positive in your negative situation, the easier it’s going to be to get out of your funk and start crushing again.

So there you have it friends…simple, effective, gratitude!


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