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Why Choose a Career in Cannabis?

There has never been a more exciting time to be a human when it comes to the range and scope of career opportunities available in today’s job market, and the one industry everyone seems to be keeping their eyes on is the ever-growing recreational cannabis space. What was once an underground network of growers and sellers, has now become a highly regulated and profitable business model, creating jobs, inflating real estate markets, and generating unthinkable tax revenues all while keeping the daily marijuana consumer happier than ever with easily accessible cannabis.

And while for a lot of us the “green rush” still feels a lot like the wild west or the early days of the dot-com era, it has a lot of people and companies are capitalizing on the momentum, thinking outside of the box and jumping in on opportunities to be a part of this revolutionary time in history.

It’s not just about growing the plants, harvesting, and distributing them anymore. There are apps being built to optimize grow operations and bring consumers loyalty programs and discounts at their finger tips. Labs are making any number of cannabis related products that can be eaten, sprayed, rubbed on, or worn. And now consumers can even stay at cannabis friendly hotels and commute to co-working spaces available for start-ups looking to break into the space.

So what does this mean for us here in the beautiful, marijuana-friendly state of Colorado? It means there are job opportunities being created at every turn. Opportunities that require good, local talent to rise to the occasion. And that’s where High Altitude Careers comes in to play. Coloradans pride themselves on sourcing things locally, and we’re no different. So when someone asks you, “Why the cannabis industry?”, your reply should simply remain, “Why not?!”

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